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Keto Recipes

On Keto, it is better if you cook your own food because then you can control what goes into your body. But just because you are on Keto doesn't mean you should compromise on enjoying food. I am fond of good tasty food, I don't eat a lot but when I eat I make sure it is a meal I would thoroughly enjoy. Since I eat mostly one meal a day, I make sure that meal is loaded with as many nutrients as possible and tasty.

I am also a very lazy cook so I spend less time cooking and more time enjoying the food, hence all my recipes take less effort but do not compromise taste.

There is a Keto version of any meal you can think of so you have no chance of quitting Keto. In my blog I share my favorite and my usual recipes that have made me stick to Keto. I hope you find my recipes useful.


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