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Keto/lowcarb/sugarfree Dark Chocolate

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Who doesn't love Chocolate? And why should shy away from it on Keto?

But have you seen the prices of Keto chocolates? Simply put, the prices will dishearten you and make you want it more because don't you always want what you cant have :-P.

Here is a quick and simple recipe to make Keto Chocolates at home with just 3 ingredients: Cacao Butter, Cocoa powder and Erythritol. This is the basic recipe, you can make more versions of it by adding more ingredients like various nuts.

Do we really need Cacao butter for this? Actually yes, because it provides more flavor and hardens the chocolate a bit but if you don't have it, you can try making this chocolate with normal unsalted butter as well. The normal butter one will mostly melt at room temperature so you may want to eat that chocolate right out of the refrigerator.

This Keto Chocolate will go a bit softer at room temperature when compared to sugar chocolates because sugar contributes to the hardening and Keto chocolate has no sugar.

You will need some sort of mold or container to shape the chocolates. I used a waffle mold made out of silicone for the picture above. Pop the chocolates out of mold once they have set in the refrigerator and store in airtight bag in the refrigerator.



100 g Cacao butter

4 tbsp Cocoa Powder

2 tbsp Erythritol

pinch of salt (optional)



1) Heat 100g Cacao butter in nonstick pan on low flame

2) Once melted, turn off the heat

3) Add the Cocoa powder, powdered Erythritol and pinch of salt

4) Mix well, make sure all Erythritol is dissolved

5) You can now add nuts to the mix if you want

6) Transfer the contents to any shape of molds you may have

7) Freeze for about 20 mins to set the chocolate

8) Once the chocolate it set, pull it out of the molds and store in airtight container preferably in the refrigerator

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Akash Dhure
Akash Dhure
11 ago 2020

Never thought that chocolate can be a part of healthy diet, thank you for sharing the receipe , looksso tasty 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Me gusta
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