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Turning 30 and warnings it brings

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I have never been awfully keen on losing weight or getting into shape, I have been size 8, 12, 14, 16 even in my life and I have loved the way I looked in each of them. I have always made it work, you just have to wear the right kind of clothes which will flatter your figure. Girl, you gotta love your curves even if its the curvature of your fat tummy :-P

I had gone up dress sizes gradually over the years and did not mind wearing a XL size jeans, there is nothing to be ashamed of! About two years ago at 32, I was at the peak of my weight and fat weighing about 65 Kgs (12 kgs overweight for my height). Yes, I had gained 12 Kgs in about 6 years. I was perfectly healthy on paper and yet there were things that had started nagging me from the moment I turned 30. It made me realize that 30s are the new 40s. We have exploited our bodies so much in this modern age that our bodies are taxed by the time we turn 30. All you did to ignore your body's needs and exploit it to the max in your 20s, well its going to be payback time soon unless you recognize these warning signs and take action. I personally think that 30s in the best time to invest in your health and ensure a healthier future by adopting the Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Here is the glimpse of the warnings signs that you will start to notice in your 30s:

1. Weight gain


Have you ever had a doctor's visit where the doctor told you to reduce weight even before you tell him/her your concern? It is that important an issue believe it or not. Most of us are bound to gain weight after turning 25 even if we manage to keep the same daily routine. In most cases, the weight gain will not be sudden enough to alarm you but very slow that it will go almost unnoticed for years altogether. Its a fact that our body's function decreases every decade after this point. It is important to recognize this warning and take corrective action because weight gain is associated with virtually every chronic disease. It can lead to myriads of issues from Diabetes to fertility problems to Cancer. Intermittent fasting and Ketogenic diet have proven very helpful in weight management.

2. Elevated blood sugars/Prediabetes


Chances are that you never got a blood sugar test done in your twenties so you may not have a baseline but turning 30 would be a great time to get Blood sugar and A1c tests done every year. Your blood sugar should always always be below 100 even 2 hours after food despite what the doctor says. Prediabetes and Diabetes are far too common in 30s nowadays. You can reverse your diabetes and recover fully before it starts to harm your organs be following Intermittent fasting and Keto.

3. Elevated cholesterol


You might notice this one even before you notice abnormal blood sugars but both are inter-related. If you have higher cholesterol it means that higher blood sugars have started damaging your arteries, causing inflammation. The Cholesterol comes into picture to heal this inflammation. The more damage and inflammation you have, the more cholesterol you will. Cholesterol is a fat but not caused by eating fat, on the contrary it is caused by eating high carb foods which raise your blood sugars for longer periods of time. Again, doctor may tell you that Cholesterol only increases with time which is a lie. You can reverse this just like Diabetes by taking corrective actions like following Intermittent fasting and Keto and healing your body before it causes serious damage.

4. Irregular Periods


I had a perfect 28 day Menstrual cycle till I turned 30 and it getting irregular, sometimes 20 days, sometimes 35. She asked me to lose atleast 6 kgs, Cant you take out 20 mins out of your day to exercise? The Doctor who herself is massively overweight tells me. Frankly it is amusing when fat doctors ask you to reduce weight :D.

Many many women experience irregular periods from the starting but in your 30s you will see it get worse. Doctors tell us that it is normal if your periods fluctuate a little, but if its often, it is not normal. It may be common but certainly not normal. It is a sign that you body is changing, your hormones are changing and not for the good. Fluctuating periods are a huge warning sign which should not be ignored. They have been linked with fertility issues, pcos, pcod, infections, cysts and even cancer. Fortunately there is a lot you can do to address this issue, leading a healthy life will help you recover fully and keep these issues at bay. It is also important to get pam smears, mamograms, and routine checkups done every year to keep a tab on your mentrual health. Ketogenic lifestyle has proven helpful in improving regulation of hormones, may be it is something you should consider if you have frequent hormone fluctuations.

5. Injuries


If you have been a fitness freak, a regular gym goer, you may notice more inflammation and joint pains in your thirties after certain exercises, you may get recurring pains in certain joints. I understand that a regular gym goer may be prone to injuries due to the weights and the hard workouts but how am I, a couch potato prone to injury? Our current lifestyle has basically turned us into couch potatoes, most of us rarely get movement of any kind. Go to office, sit and work 8 hours, come home and sit and watch tv. This may have worked seamlessly in your early twenties but soon you will start getting injuries due to this lifestyle. Upper back, lower back pains are far too common in desk jobs leading to long term spine injuries when ignored. Your body gets so fragile that lifting even a bucket of water can twist your spine leading to injury. Our bodies are meant to move a lot more than we actually do. Starting to live a Ketogenic anti-inflammatory lifestyle in your 30s will ensure a healthier future for you body.

6. Infections


In your thirties you may start to notice that you are less tolerant to infections. In childhood, catching infections is good because you are building your immune system that time and it can grant immunity to those infections in the future but catching infections in adulthood becomes a different story. It means that you have a weak immune system especially if you are not able to fight the infections without medications. The more infections you get, the more antibiotics your doctor is going to prescribe, the more antibiotics you take, the weaker your immune system will get over time. It is essential to start boosting your immune system and give your body a good fighting change against infections which can be done by following intermittent fasting and Keto.

7. Fatigue


You may have gotten away with sleeping 3-4 hours a day in your twenties and still working seamlessly like a machine the next day. Well, it has its consequences. You may not have realized that your depreciated energy levels and fatigue is due to lack of sleep. The stress of everyday life can build up in our mind and body and have serious consequences. Stress has been linked to almost any disease you can think of, it only makes things worse. Sadly, our bodies cannot survive without adequate sleep. Sleep is when our body shuts down, it does cleanup of brain and body tissues and it releases growth hormones and performs necessary repairs. It is a great stress buster. Getting 8 hours sleep is crucial, it is non negotiable. It is the first, the best, the easiest and the most important thing you can do to keep your body healthy and luckily it requires no effort from your end :-P. Ensure you get a good 8 hours sleep a day and you would soon start feeling fresher and more energetic.



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