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Keto for Vegetarians - Easy peasy?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I have always wondered whether it is a misconception or an excuse that Keto diet is very hard for Vegetarians to follow. I am a vegetarian and I see no such special challenge so I feel it may be an excuse. Since I am hell bent on removing excuses from your list, let me debunk this myth that Keto is hard for Vegetarians.

Contrary to this myth, in my opinion Keto is easier for Vegetarians and in this article you will discover why.  First of all, if you think that vegetables are not allowed on Keto, you are misinformed. Vegetables make up the largest chunk of food that you can eat on Keto, ofcourse you have to be a bit picky about which vegetables to eat but once you get the basics down, it is pretty easy. The reason behind this misinformation is the fact that vegetables carry a lot of carbs and you already know that Keto limits the carb intake to as low as 20gms a day. So why am I saying that you can eat vegetables on keto? There are two components in carbohydrate, Sugar and Dietary fiber and you can see the same mentioned on all food labels as well. The sugar component is responsible for raising the blood sugar and insulin while the dietary fiber component gets no such response so it is safe to eat on Keto. Since most of the carbs in vegetables is dietary fiber, you can eat a lot of vegetables without fear on Keto.

Many people also think that including protein becomes a challenge on Keto for vegetarians which again is not true. Although I agree that meat is a superior protein source but that holds weight even in a non-Keto diet plan. Paneer, cheese, yogurt are great sources of protein for vegetarians on Keto diet and lead to ton of yummy recipes. If you eat egg, that is a very good source of protein as well. And Yes, you can eat a lot of cheese on Keto. If that doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will :-P Being a vegetarian and including a variety of vegetables in your diet gives you big edge. Since vegetables are mostly fiber, they help in keeping you fuller for longer and also help in digestion. Vegetables are great source of almost all nutrients you can think of so the factor that you like vegetables makes a huge difference. You have an edge in cooking as well. While most people struggle to include vegetables in their diet, you my vegetarian friend already know great recipes to cook with vegetables so there is one less change and one familiar face for you when you start Keto. Also, since you already like a lot more variety of vegetables compared to your non-vegetarian counterpart, you have more variety in your recipes.  I will use this article to describe various types of Vegetarianism. What is Vegan,what is Vegetarian and what is the Indian version of Vegetarian. Vegan diet means no animal products at all, no milk, no meat, no eggs. Popular definition of Vegetarian includes milk products and eggs but no meat. The Indian version of Vegetarian includes milk but no eggs and meat. I had to put it out there because I have seen many people getting confused around this subject. I will also clarify, I am vegetarian who eats eggs occasionally and I am mentioning it here because most of my recipes do not include egg but few recipes have. So what is keeping you from trying Keto? Please share your concerns in the comments so that I can clarify if required. And if you are a vegetarian who has started the Keto diet, you can share your experience as well.

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Akku Dhure
Akku Dhure
Mar 30, 2020

#pooja.ketoyogi , thank you for sharing the article and clarifying the myths around #keto for vegetarians. I prefer vegetables over animal product and this article gives me a push to start #ketodiet. Keep sharing and inspiring.

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