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Is Keto challenging for Women?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Women have always welcomed any challenge, they are capable of doing everything a man can and do it more efficiently. So why would Keto be any different challenge for Women?

As much as I would hate to admit, Keto can be a bit more difficult for women than for men BUT Keto is also more beneficial for women. In this article, you will find out why sticking to Keto can prove a bit difficult for women and what can they do about it?

During our struggle for equality and to prove ourselves by competing with men in every field, we have forgotten that we women are different from men not just in appearance but in function too. Every month we go through the same schedule, one week we feel good, next week we feel okay, next week we feel like crying for no reason and the last week we pretty much wanna punch everyone in the face :D.

Why are we so different every week?

Our brain, our hormones and our gut, they govern us and make us who we are. You change any of these a tiny bit and you can be a different person! Contrary to men's physiology, women's bodies have additional tasks and schedules to adhere to due to their monthly Menstrual cycle. Women have a 2nd biological clock which operates their reproductive hormones because of which every week in a month has a different function, every week has different levels of hormones and hence the behavior and need of their bodiescan vary every week.

Women are known to have far more cravings than men, thats why all the Chocolate advertisements are aimed towards women :-P. This is true. For men, everyday is pretty much the same hormone wise but for women the hormones are at different levels each week. A few days before menstruation and during menstruation, their bodies spend a lot of energy building up and then discarding the endometrial lining of the Uterus. Thus, women have far more cravings during this time and it can prove to be a difficult time in Keto for them. This most likely will be the time they may consider going off the Keto wagon. This in no way reflects that women are not capable of sticking to Keto, it just means that women need to listen to their bodies more.

So what can women do?

We women need to listen to our bodies and instead of ignoring its needs, we need to address the needs. First of all, women should not start Keto before their menstruation because it can lead to far more cravings. You should try to start Keto right after your period ends, this will give you plenty of time to get Keto adapted and you will be more prepared when the cravings hit next month.

And what to do when cravings hit you the following month?

Always, always listen to your body, not your tongue. You may be more hungry during the last week so eat more, go for 2 meals during this time instead of regular 1 meal a day. You can also go to higher bracket up to 50g carbs in the last week by saving your peanuts, keto fruits for these rainy days. If you crave for junk foods, go for the Keto alternatives, fill yourself up with nutrient rich foods. Please do not compromise on nutrients and you will be fine. You may produce lesser ketones and your blood sugar may be higher during this time but once your period ends it will compensate itself and you will be back to your headstrong self.

Going easy on yourself, understanding why you feel a certain way in the week and not filling yourself with guilt, are the keys to success. Own your womanhood, listen to your body and Keto will be a breeze for you my lady!



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