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20 Essential Keto Pantry items

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

A big factor that will help you stick to Keto for long is stocking your pantry with the right ingredients. This is to ensure that you never get the excuse of going off the Keto wagon for any reason. I have found that most Keto recipes are far less complicated and less time consuming than high carb recipes, you

just need a little guidance. Which is why I am here, I am a lazy cook so there are a bunch of things I keep stocked in my pantry and they have helped me immensely in adhering to the Ketogenic diet.

Below I am listing 20 Keto Pantry items which are essential for making most of the Keto recipes. These items cover the ingredients in almost all of my recipes. They will enable to make your regular meals and also save you when you crave.

1. Eggs : Great source of protein, healthy fat, nutrient rich with almost 0 carbs

2. Butter or Ghee : Good quality saturated fats rich in Vit A

3. Coconut oil : Very beneficial on Keto diet as it has MCT oil

4. Olive oil : Oil which has the well deserved reputation of the Best edible oil.

5. Cheese : Mozzarella & Cheddar : Because we can on Keto :-P

6. Xanthan / Guar Guar Gum or psyllium husk : 0 carb binders

7. Paneer (Frozen) : Best source of Protein if you cannot eat eggs

8. Heavy or whipping cream : Good high fat cream, useful in many recipes

9. Tomato puree : For your tangy cravings and provides Potassium

10. Greek Yogurt : Good source of protein and calcium

11. Almond Flour : Lowest carb flour, best for cravings ( I use home-made, recipe here)

12. Flaxmeal or Flax seed powder : Great source of fat, protein and fiber

13. Chia seeds: Truly a Super food and a great binder. A must!

14. Onions : nutrient rich and packed with flavor

15. Tomatoes : nutrient rich and packed with flavor

16. Gelatin : Essential for collagen in the body

17. Erythritol powder or any keto sweetener : for your sweet cravings

18. Vegetables for salads : Salad is a must!

19. Vegetables/Meat for cooking : Cooked vegetables and meats to satiate you

20. Variety on low carb nuts : Nutrient packed delights

I will also a mention a bonus ingredient which is kinda an obvious one: Seasonings :D

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