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Coronavirus, Chronic illnesses and Keto-Intermittent fasting

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Can you cure Coronavirus or any virus with Keto and intermittent fasting?

Well, don't we all wish we could. But the answer is No. Although Keto and intermittent fasting can reverse a lot of chronic illnesses, unfortunately it cannot cure you if you are infected with the virus. But before you leave, let me tell you that it can assist in giving your body a better fighting chance against this Coronavirus and the "upcoming" ones. 

If you are thinking that the current Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is going to be the last one, you are sadly mistaken. These things are just getting started. We have already seen a big surge is new viruses which are impacting humans in the recent past like MERS, SARS, Ebola, Zeeka, Nipah, Swine flu, Bird flu just to name a few. But Covid-19 has caught the most attention because it is easily spreading so fast. We turned out lucky this time that Covid-19 is not nearly as fatal as the viruses before it. Scientists have predicted this pandemic and have been preparing for it for years. Although we are still waiting for the current pandemic to end, scientists are already out in the field searching for the next one to prevent. We don't know how fatal can the next one be.

So what does it mean for you? As seen on the current news, Covid-19 has severely impacted people with chronic illnesses like Type-2 Diabetes and people who are old. Why is that? It is because Chronic illnesses reduce your immunity and weaken your organs and you are generally less immune, your organs weaker as you get older. It may come as a surprise to you but due to our lifestyle and eating habits, a lot of us already on the way to chronic illness of one type or another. So do you think you will safe from the next pandemic if you survive this one? And, can you do anything to ensure your survival?

Building a good immune system is the key and your current high carb diet is just going to weaken it. I know you don't want to hear that, you don't want to give up the so called goodies but it is true. As lucrative as that high carb meal looks, it does more harm than good to your body. Think of it as slow poison because it impacts every part of your body but slowly. 

You may hear a lot of theories that you should eat this or you should eat that to increase your immunity but the fact is, you need to eat less to increase your immunity. Adding few good nutrients to your unhealthy diet is not going to compensate for your diet's ill effects. 

Take baby steps but steps in the right direction to build a better immunity and health. Changing the way you eat is going to make the big difference. It is essential to include some form of intermittent fasting in your routine. Substitute the simple carbs in your diet with complex carbs and fiber, then progress to Keto. Eat salad before your meals. Eat more vegetables. Treat yourself only if you deserve it, not because its Sunday. Embrace that sunlight on your skin instead of shying away from it. Stand atleast part of your day instead of sitting all day. Give that seat to the needy on bus instead of fighting to sit on it. Walk instead of taking the cab. Take the staircase instead of the lift. Challenge your comfort zone and Stop giving excuses! 

These are small changes but they add up to a big step towards your health.

This is the time. If you are gaining weight or if you have a chronic illness already, start taking steps to reverse it. Correct your diet by including intermittent fasting & Keto.

Focus on a better health today to ensure your survival tomorrow.

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